Privacy Policy


DADS Fun Hobby privacy policy is pretty simple.

The intent of DADS Fun Hobby is to create fun tools and games, not private data collectors. DADS Fun Hobby does not want the responsibility of managing your personal information. The most thorough way to not take on that responsibility is to avoid any interaction with the personal information of others altogether.

Although DADS Fun Hobby does not require, nor ask for your email address, users may want to submit comments or requests back to DADS Fun Hobby via email. In this scenario, your email address will be on DADS Fun Hobby email server (GMail). Your email address won't be sold by DADS Fun Hobby to any 3rd parties. The email may be used to continue the conversation back to the user.

Beyond email addresses, DADS Fun Hobby will not ask for, use, share, store or otherwise work with any personal information. The intent is to avoid any personal information that is not necessary for the functionality of the tools and games made by DADS Fun Hobby (which at this point don't require any personal information to function).

DADS Character Sheet Template (data handling)

The scripts used on the DADS Character Sheet Template Add-On, only manipulate and use the entries that you put onto you character sheet. This character sheet data manipulation is to make using the character sheets more enjoyable. The scripts do not gather, send, store or manipulate any personal information. The scripts only use or manipulate the character data.

The character sheet does have a standard Player's Name field (which is completely optional and doesn't impact the functionality of the character sheet), but the scripts do not use the Player's Name field in any way.

(Below is a potential FUTURE IMPLEMENTATION. This isn't in place yet, but will be added in the coming months.)

The only time a DADS Character Sheet Template spreadsheet may share data with another spreadsheet is to share data between party members, NOT to share data with DADS Fun Hobby. This upcoming functionality will be completely optional and require the party members to share the URLs of their character sheets and authorize the other character sheets to see each other's character sheet data.


  • Share dice rolls with your party.

  • Share passive perception value, damage, current hit point, etc. values with your DM.

None of this information is personal information, nor is any of it shared with DADS Fun Hobby. It is ONLY shared between party members (users) at their discretion.